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The Other Side of FIRE

Last year I flew to England and attended Chautauqua: UK 2017. I was so inspired while I was there that, among other things, I started this blog. It was very early in my current relationship so my girlfriend didn’t attend with me. While I was there I couldn’t stop thinking about how valuable it could have…

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I’m Famous Now!

Photo left to right: Mad Fientist, Ms. Mad Fientist, Katie Donegan, Alan Donegan (PopUp Business School), JL Collins (, Mrs. JL Collins, Wanderer (Millennial Revolution), FireCracker (also Millennial Revolution), Vicki Robbin. I went all the way to bloody England and all I have to show for it is this appearance on the famous Mad Fientist Podcast!…

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Life in the Left Lane


If you follow this blog you know I was recently in England where I experienced a ton of personal growth at Chautauqua UK. While there we rented a car for a road trip to Stonehenge and Bath. Stone Henge is a 6,000 year old…stone henge and Bath is a city built up around an ancient Roman…

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Chautauqua UK & Self-awareness

Chautauqua UK is a magical place where people at all stages of the journey to financial independence meet to discuss ideas, validate numbers, play football in the pool, and fly drones (check out the video below). I just spent the last 2 weeks in bloody England. I started out at the first ever Chautauqua UK…

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