Some of these inspires me and some of these entertain me. And some do a little of both…

1500 Days to Freedom

Simply written and easily consumable. Most posts are about the author, Carl, and his life. He shares stories about real estate investing, home improvement, personal finance, and some life philosophy. Since he posts pretty regularly, it’s a good read with a cup of coffee in the morning.

JLCollinsNH – The Simple Path To Wealth

The Jim Collins Stock Series is a must read for anybody that handles money…so everybody. Clean, simple information that talks about money as a tool and teaches you how to use it. Think the stock market is complex? It doesn’t have to be. Jim also has had a hand in changing my life, check out more information on that in my post, What Is Financial Independence?


Edgy, offensive, unapologetic…Canadian. Need I say more? Learn about how your house is a waste of money and the equity you value so much is a myth.

< href=””>Mad Fientist

In depth posts about taxes, maximizing the use of retirement accounts, and travel hacking. He takes months to write his posts so you know they are on point. You’ll probably save some of these posts for reference as a financial guide. It’s a great supplement to

Gone With The Wynns – Blog // YouTube

Do you like freedom? Want to travel the U.S. in an RV coming and going as you please? How about living on a sail boat do the same through the Bahamas and Abacos? Live vicariously through the Wynns as they do just that. Or get inspired and get out there!

Joe Rogan Podcast

Hit or miss. Want to watch a few guys and some quasi famous guest shoot the shit, drink booze, and get high? Then this is the podcast for you. Sometimes entertaining, sometimes insightful and thought provoking, and sometimes I turn it off after the first ten minutes.