Center of the Universe

Nobody cares about you. They don’t want you to succeed because you’re not worth it. You have nothing to offer them because you are not unique in any way, shape, or form. All your positive qualities and skills add up to zilch in their eyes. Unless you are a tool they can use to better…

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Cheaters Always Win

game controller

“This game cheats for people who are good at it!” my sister screamed as she threw her controller at my face. I ducked quickly, narrowly avoiding disaster as it smashed against the wall, denting the plaster. She was only thinking one thing, “Why is the world out to get me?!” as she got up off…

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Chautauqua UK & Self-awareness

Chautauqua UK is a magical place where people at all stages of the journey to financial independence meet to discuss ideas, validate numbers, play football in the pool, and fly drones (check out the video below). I just spent the last 2 weeks in bloody England. I started out at the first ever Chautauqua UK…

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